Terek Kelrune

Real Name

Kris Joosten




Outer Rim Order

City, Country

Banff, Canada

E-Mail Address

Jedi.Ranger /S/P/A/M/B/O/T/ @ /P/R/O/T/E/C/T/ gmail.com

Message Board Name

jediranger - Profile | Last 10 Posts

Costume Description

Additional Photo

outer tunic - "cream"
inner tunic - brown
tabbards - "cream" with green trim
obi belt - "cream"
pants - brown
leather belt - brown with large plain silver buckle
leather pouches - brown
boots - black leather
robe - brown 100% wool
greaves - black with silver steel plates
bracers - black with silver steel plates
custom lightsaber thigh holster - black leather

Lightsaber Description

Lightsaber Photo

Blade Color: Blue
lightsaber(s) - I have many, most custom made my myself, and mostly with either green or blue blades.
In my application picture, I have my latest and greatest.  It is a mostly brushed-silver machined aluminum hilt and chrome overlay, with some black rear grips, and 3 black ribbed cut-outs near the emitter.  There are 3 silver 'prongs' guarding the emitter.