Beginnings of a "club."

Around the release of Star Wars, Episode 1: The Phantom Menace, Anthony Foister thought about starting a group or "club" with something, anything, to do with Star Wars on the Internet. In April of 2002, he conceived the Jedi Assembly online costuming group after receiving the newest issue of the magazine Star Wars Insider from the SW fan club that month describing the Imperial Stormtrooper group called The Fighting 501st. The magazine referred to the 501st as a huge group with members from around the world that gather at conventions and in their hometowns wearing reproductions of Stormtrooper armor. They catered to Stormtroopers, Imperial uniformed officers, Bounty Hunters, Tie Fighter Pilots, and even the occasional Sith Lord. Anthony didn't know of any Jedi costuming groups in the same style as the 501st on the web or around the USA, so Anthony thought it was time to create one.

Assembling the Assembly

Anthony began the quest to "assemble" the Assembly by starting a bare-bones webpage on the free Geocities website that allowed him to at least have a place to direct potential people to in reference to what he was talking about. He posted messages on many Message Boards to entice people that had the same desire to belong to a SW Jedi costuming "club". But at first, there wasn't any response. He tried not to get discouraged and left more messages and continued to fine-tune the webpage that was turning into a several page website. He finally started getting replies back from people that were interested in the idea of a "Jedi" club. This small set of people turned into what is now known as The Jedi Assembly Jedi Council. Without their advice and cool heads, the Assembly could not have come as far as it has.

The Assembly has 10 Council members that give important advice, help run the Jedi Assembly Message Boards, design Assembly crests, and plan group meetings. The Assembly Message Board is the online meeting place for the Assembly where costuming tips and prop ideas are traded and discussed. The Assembly’s BIGGEST goal was met in April of 2005 as over 40 members met for Star Wars Celebration III in Indianapolis, Indiana.

The Assembly does not charge a membership fee and our Message Board keeps people up to date on happenings within the Jedi Council, events and latest costuming tips. The Assembly has not sponsored any events or conventions as of yet and is an ever-changing group and website. Currently, we have over 400 members worldwide and the Assembly message boards have over 900 members.

The Assembly owes a lot to the Fighting 501st Stormtrooper and Rebel Legion costuming groups. If it wasn't for them and their aggressive vision to put together an online costuming "club", the Assembly might not be doing what they love to do.