Article I. Mission Statement

Last Updated - Thursday, April 6th, 2017

The Jedi Assembly is a worldwide, fan-based group for Star Wars Jedi costuming enthusiasts. It is our intent to further enhance the Star Wars genre by recreating screen-accurate Jedi costumes and props for our enjoyment, as well as for official Disney/Lucasfilm and charity events. We encourage Jedi costumers of all ability levels to join our social media forums, ask questions and to share their knowledge/costume progress with others.

Article II. Membership Requirements

Last Updated - Thursday, May 25th, 2006

The Jedi Assembly is an equal opportunity fan club that does not discriminate against those applying for membership or holding a position within the Assembly due to race, religion, sex, creed or sexual preference. Applicants must request membership thru the form found on the JOIN page of The Jedi Assembly website, and must meet the following requirements:

  • Applicants MUST be 18 or older to join. You MUST include your date of birth on the membership form, or your application will be automatically denied. See Article VI for more details.
  • You MUST have a Jedi costume to become an official member of The Jedi Assembly, and MUST submit a clear, full-length, well-lit photograph of yourself in costume along with your membership request. This Jedi costume must reflect the costuming requirements found in Article V. Any application submitted without a picture will be automatically denied. However, applicants who wish to join, but do not have a costume may still join the Assembly Message Board.
  • A valid email address is required, as correspondence is traded frequently. (See #6) We must have a way to keep in touch with members.
  • Please be aware that we ask that you NOT use a title such as Master or any reference to rank in your Jedi Assembly name or Assembly message board username. We prefer that members only be known as Jedi. Please choose a Jedi name that sounds otherworldly. Names like sweet-thing, car-man, or ANY "earthly-sounding" names will not be allowed. As we are a costuming group for light-side Jedi only, the use of "dark", "darth", or "sith" in a Jedi name or message board username is prohibited. Names used in the Star Wars universe are already taken and will not be accepted for use by a member, except under special circumstances approved by the Jedi Assembly Council.
  • Upon joining the Assembly, members will often be photographed or videotaped while at public events or conventions. These images may be used on the Jedi Assembly website, Press Kits, PowerPoint presentations and other promotional materials. If any member does not wish to allow TJA to use their image, notice must be given to the CO or XO for inclusion in their respective membership profiles.

Article IIa. Active & Inactive Memberships

Last Updated - Thursday, May 25th, 2006

An Active Member of the Jedi Assembly is a person who meets the following standards:

  • Meets all Jedi Assembly Jedi Code Requirements (i.e. has an approved Jedi costume, is over 18 years of age, etc) with approved membership.
  • Maintains their membership profile by providing a current description of their costume with colors/fabrics used and having an active and current email address.

An "Inactive Member" in the Jedi Assembly is defined as a person who:

  • Does not have current contact information in their membership profile.
  • Their profile picture or costuming information is outdated or inaccurate and a request has been made for them to update said information and no response has been received.
  • Is a person who has requested to be placed on "Inactive Status."

An Active member may:

  • Hold a Council position or become an ORDER Master. One must have been an active member for at least one year’s time before holding that official position of authority.
  • Help Coordinate/Host "Official" Assembly fundraisers, conventions or gatherings.
  • Purchase "Official Jedi Assembly/Member Only" merchandise. (i.e. T-shirts, biz cards, patches, etc.)
  • Have their Jedi costume picture posted on in the members’ section.
  • Participate in "Official" Assembly activities. (i.e. Charity Benefits, Fundraisers, Convention activities)

An Inactive Jedi Assembly member:

  • May NOT hold a position within the Assembly.
  • May not coordinate Activities.
  • May not purchase Assembly merchandise.
  • Will not have their picture posted in the Assembly member’s section.
  • May not post pictures in the Gallery section.

Minimum Activity Level Requirements

  • Maintain contact information/membership in individual profile on the Assembly website.

As a Jedi Assembly member, you MUST keep your e-mail address up to date in the membership database.

In the event that you disagree with your membership being placed into "Inactive" status, you must contact the Jedi Council at for dispute assistance.

Article III. Organization

Last Updated - Thursday, June 15th, 2006

The Jedi Assembly is a worldwide fan group that was founded in 2002 by Anthony Foister. As the founder, he formed the Jedi Council to assist him with the duties of running such an organization. Currently, the Jedi Council consists of members appointed by council vote. The Jedi Council members are responsible for managing the Assembly and enforcing the Jedi Code, for managing the Message Boards, designing Assembly logos and non-profit merchandise, and planning future group meetings and conventions. The Assembly Jedi Council currently consists of Leda Em-Borr, Nova Darklighter and Bouri-Plwel. Jedi Council members are not term-limited and they must have been an active member for at least one year before holding an official position of authority at The Jedi Assembly, such as Council Member or Order Master. Council members may step down at any time. All decisions made by the Jedi Council are FINAL.

The Jedi Assembly is divided into regions or ORDERS. Individual ORDERS can meet on their own terms. Assembly ORDERS are defined as:

Northern Order - ME, NH, VT, RI, CT, NY, NJ, MA, PA, WV, DC, DE
Southern Order - MD, VA, NC, SC, FL, GA, AL, MS, LA, AR, TN, OK, TX, Puerto Rico, US Virgin Islands
Midwestern Order - KY, OH, IN, IL, MO, KS, NE, ND, SD, MN, IA, MI, WI
Western Order - NM, AZ, CO, UT, ID, MT, WY, WA, OR, CA, NV, AK, HI, American Samoa, Northern Marianas, Guam
Outer Rim Order - Canada, South America, Europe, Asia, Australia, Africa, etc.

A Jedi Master, called Master of the ORDER, runs each Assembly Order. Order Masters are not term limited and may step down at any time.

Article IV. Conduct

Last Updated - Thursday, February 23rd, 2006

We acknowledge that while in Jedi costume we represent the Star Wars genre and as such accept the responsibility to behave professionally and civilly while in costume. All Assembly members must adhere to the following rules, or face disciplinary action, up to and including termination of membership.

  • All Jedi Assembly members are prohibited from using foul language or behaving lewdly or obscenely while in costume and in public. Violations shall be punishable by expulsion from the Assembly.
  • The Assembly will not tolerate the practice of sexual misconduct or sexual harassment by its members. Members who engage in such conduct will be subject to termination from the Jedi Assembly. This policy applies to all Assembly members, regardless of gender. This rule applies to any unwelcome conduct that violates state and federal laws concerning sexual harassment and to inappropriate conduct of a sexual nature.
  • No spamming shall be allowed in transmitting email messages to one another. Spamming is not allowed when transmitting emails to non-Assembly members or parties. Violations shall be punishable by expulsion from the Assembly.
  • All Jedi Assembly members represent not only the Star Wars genre, but ultimately LucasFilm itself. Members should model a high standard of ethics especially when attending public conventions and meetings.

A member who violates any of the above conduct standards will be subject to the following disciplinary actions:

The 1st offense will result in a warning, which can be issued by any member of the Jedi Council. The 2nd offense will result in an official warning from either the CO or XO. Finally, a 3rd offense will result in a temporary ban of membership from both The Jedi Assembly and the message boards. The case will then be brought up before the entire Jedi Council, who will determine if membership should be restored or permanently terminated. Members who feel that they have received an unfair warning may appeal to the Jedi Council to review the incident. However, all decisions made by the Council pertaining to the incident are final.

Article IVa. Jedi Council Standards of Conduct

Last Updated - Thursday, February 23rd, 2006

All members of The Jedi Assembly Jedi Council must adhere to the following Jedi Council Code at all times or face disciplinary action, which may include removal from the Council, temporary suspension, or permanent revocation of membership.

  • All Council members must follow the Conduct standards of the TJA Jedi Code as listed in Article IV. Most importantly, Council members must maintain their composure at all times when representing TJA and act civilly and professionally in all dealings with other Council members, the membership, or the general public.
  • The Council is responsible for managing the Assembly and enforcing the Jedi Code. These duties in general include, but are not limited to:
    • moderating the message boards
    • maintaining the website
    • responding to emails/questions from the membership
    • providing advice to the Founder and participating in decision-making for TJA
    In addition, individual Council members may be responsible for specific tasks.

All Council members MUST fulfill the following basic requirements to remain on the Council:

  • respond to Council emails
  • provide advice to the Founder and fellow Council members on matters pertaining to TJA
  • be able to devote enough time to TJA to fulfill the above basic obligations

If any Council member is found to be in violation of the TJA Jedi Council Code, then the rest of the Council may decide to pursue disciplinary action, including temporary or permanent removal from the Jedi Council, and in extreme cases, revocation of membership in TJA.

Article IVb. Jedi Assembly Message Boards Etiquette & Protocol

Last Updated - Thursday, February 23rd, 2006
  • No Flaming.
  • Personally attacking another member of the boards or another costuming group is not allowed.
  • No trolling or spamming.
  • Causing trouble and making nonsense posts to get attention will not be tolerated.
  • Posting profanity will not be tolerated. The message board has a profanity filter and is closely watched.
  • Posting of offensive material or anything sexual, including pictures and links is strictly forbidden.
  • The Jedi Assembly is NOT a role-playing group, we are strictly a Jedi costuming group. Therefore, role-playing is not allowed on the message boards.

Repeated offenses of any of the above rules will result in being banned from the Message Boards and possibly from the Assembly.

Buying and Selling on the Message Boards:

The Jedi Assembly does NOT endorse ANY vendor or member selling items. Members who choose to offer items on this forum assume ALL responsibility for those items. We will not be monitoring ANY transactions that take place, nor can we take responsibility for deals gone badly. We recommend that members seek references before entering into any deal with a person you do not know. We do have a forum for feedback. Members are free to post their positive and negative experiences in that forum only. Please stick to the facts and ONLY the facts when posting. Flaming will not be tolerated. The following rules apply for all transactions that occur on the message boards:

  • All buying/selling/trading will be restricted to the Buying/Selling/Trading Arena.
  • Please limit items to Star Wars related items, cameras and so forth. If you are unsure if an item qualifies, please e-mail a Council member and ask.
  • Costumed and aspiring costumed members, are free to buy/sell/trade their items. Please E-Mail or PM the appropriate forum moderator if you wish your items to be listed in a particular forum. A link to your item in the Buying/Selling/Trading Arena will be posted in a locked thread by the moderator. Threads and links will be deleted as items are sold.
  • All vendors are to please E-Mail or PM the appropriate forum moderator if they wish their web-sites/items to be listed in a particular forum. A link to your item in the Buying/Selling/Trading Arena, or website, will be posted in a locked thread by the moderator. Threads and links will be deleted as items are sold. You are free to post your website in the Buying/Selling/Trading Arena in one new thread only. Any self-promoting posts found outside the Buying/Selling/Trading Arena will be moved, edited, or deleted as seen fit by the moderator.
  • All members selling items or listing website are asked to please put your e-mail address in your posts.

The Jedi Assembly reserves the right to revise the rules should unforeseen problems or issues arise. Any questions are to be posted in the Jedi Council Chambers or directed to a council member.

Article V. Costuming and Membership Requirements

Last Updated - Thursday, April 6th, 2017

There are many exceptional Star Wars costuming sites on the Internet that welcome Star Wars costumers from around the world. The 501st Legion of Stormtroopers and The Rebel Legion are the two most well-known. The Jedi Assembly is exclusively for light-side of the Force Jedi costumers.

All members of The Jedi Assembly must possess a Jedi costume. This costume can be representative of any of the styles seen in the Star Wars movies and animated television series, as described in the novels and graphic novels of the Star Wars expanded universe, or as depicted in Star Wars video games, but must adhere to the guidelines below. Please note that as TJA continues to grow and evolve, these guidelines may be changed frequently. Upon accepting membership into TJA, you must accept that costume requirements may be altered and understand that if this occurs, your costume might need to be altered or modified within a reasonable time period (i.e., six months) in order to meet the new guidelines.

  • TJA is for Jedi costumers of the light side of the Force only. No "dark side" Jedi, Fallen Jedi, Gray Jedi or Sith costumes are permitted. No black costumes or costume elements are acceptable unless you are portraying a face character whose costume contains those elements.
  • Store bought costumes such as Rubies are considered low quality and are not acceptable. Commercially made costumes are available online and vary in quality. If you choose such a source, you must name the manufacturer and your costume must be altered to fit properly. Quality of materials and proper fit will determine whether the costume is acceptable or not.
  • A Face Character is considered to be an established character in any of the movies, animated television series, canon novels or The Expanded Universe (LFL approved non-canon storylines) including novels, video games and graphic novel series. When replicating a Face Character, the entire costume must be replicated including the lightsaber, hairstyle, and facial hair. Anakin’s costume from Episodes II and III must have dark brown tabards. They are not black.
  • The Jedi Assembly stresses The Three Spires of Costuming: Quality, Accuracy and Presentation as criteria for membership. None of these can stand in isolation as, together, they provide a means to accomplish our mission statement.
  • Quality: Fabrics, whether natural or synthetic, should be appropriate to your concept. Your costume should be constructed to fit the model, with finished seams and lining if necessary. The weight, feel, and drape of the fabric is just as important as stitch placement and durability. Rigid parts such as boots and belt should be rigid.
  • Accuracy: Your Jedi costume must be accurate to a Disney/LFL reference. This includes generic Jedi, as many un-named Jedi can be seen fighting the Clone Wars. TJA does not create Jedi characters, we re-create them. We copy them. TJA costumes should be readily recognizable as “light side Jedi”, whether they are face characters or generic.
  • Presentation: This means that your costume must fit your body proportionately. Tabards, tunic and robe should be pressed. Tabards should be of a width that is proportionate to your body type, hang evenly in length and meet at the midline of the body. The belt should be worn at the natural waist, not at the hips. If your tabards are crooked, your belt droopy, your tunic or robe wrinkled, we will ask you correct the problems and re-submit your photos. The exception to this is of course crinkle gauze, which has a natural wrinkle to it in one direction.

Costume Element Requirements:

  • Basic Generic Jedi Costume (a costume that is not an exact replica of an established character): All "earth tone" variations are acceptable. Earth tone designation means any shade of brown, tan, beige, ecru and cream - does not include white, black, or gray. Muted shades of blue and green may be used for tabards if depicting a Jedi Healer or Corellian Jedi. Anything too bright will not be accepted.
  • Outer tunic must be in earth tone and fall at mid-thigh or lower. No Karate gi or hakama are acceptable. If the fabric is lightweight and can be seen through (such as cotton crinkle gauze), then it must be lined.
  • Tabards and obi must be of earth tone or muted blue or green. Tabards may be either Qui-Gon style - extending below the belt in both front and back or Obi-Wan style - ending at the waist in the back. They may be constructed of fabric, leather or high quality faux leather. Faux leather should be indistinguishable from natural leather. The single tabard variation on a generic costume is considered custom and may be presented to Council for consideration (see Creativity paragraph). Curved tabards are not acceptable. If your pattern is for curved tabards, it must be modified to be straight. Please be sure your tabards are the proper width to be proportionate to your body type. Tabards MUST hang evenly, meet at the midline and be angled at the belt so they do not cross.
  • Inner tunic must be of earth tone. Shades of brown, tan, beige, cream, ivory or eggshell will be accepted and may be either full or half shirt style, that is, cropped with false sleeves, or may be an Obi-Wan inspired turtleneck. V-neck t-shirts may be worn under the inner tunic but must not be visible and may not take the place of an appropriately styled inner tunic.
  • Jedi pants must be earth tone, which means ranging in color from beige to taupe to dark brown. No black or white. Tan or brown Dockers or similar styles are most accurate. Pants may have button fly or elastic waist and must be tucked into boot tops. No visible pockets, zippers, buckles, snaps, buttons, etc. will be accepted. Leggings are acceptable but must not, at glance, look like bare legs. They should be a flat cotton or blend; no shiny spandex or bicycle pants.
  • Brown Jedi belt. Must be a wide belt, minimum of 2 1/4 inches, with a narrower belt on top. It may be constructed from either leather or a high quality faux leather. The narrow belt should have a decorative buckle in the front and be held in place by studs. The belt should be worn at the natural waist, not at the hips. The small belt must not sag at the buckle.
  • Brown Jedi robe/Food Capsules and Pouches. Either a brown, mid-calf to floor length robe with accurate oversized hood or food capsules and brown pouches are required. If you don’t have a robe, then you need the belt accessories. Both are encouraged when presenting a complete canon Jedi costume.
  • Brown boots must be at least just above mid-calf in height to just below the knee. Boots may be leather or high quality faux leather. No black or rubber work style boots will be accepted. Boots with zip closures and/or buckles are acceptable but must be minimally visible (unless your canon face character has them). No laces or decorative fasteners. Velcro or hidden zip closures are preferred.
  • Expanded Universe: Any exact replica of a Jedi costume from the Expanded Universe is acceptable ONLY after Council review. Members must cite their source (images or book and page number) as to what Jedi wore that particular costume, and submit it the Jedi Council for approval. This source MUST contain a full description of the costume, and it must indicate what each piece of the costume looks like in terms of color or style. If only one piece of the costume is described, then ONLY that piece will be acceptable. For example, if a description of an EU Jedi states that they wear blue tabards, then the remainder of the costume must look like a "screen-accurate" Jedi costume in terms of style and color (browns and tans). Action figures are acceptable as a source for an EU costume; however, the figure must be produced by a Lucasfilm licensed source such as Hasbro. Custom actions figures are NOT acceptable as a costume source. Reference photos may be emailed to Please note, costumes that specifically replicate an EU Jedi which have been accepted for membership may not be acceptable for certain “canon only” events.
  • Game Character Costumes: Star Wars The Old Repubic "Basic customizable characters" - that is, those you would start out with at the beginning of the game, must only be in earth tone colors. No highly customized characters are allowed. Your costume must have a basic Jedi look to it and follow the requirements for a generic Jedi.
  • For other games: Face characters only. Costumes must be accurate to screen and have a Jedi look. No highly customized characters will be accepted. The general public must be able to identify you as Jedi, not as an elf, Ninja, etc. with a lightsaber. Applicants must site their source and email screen shots of the character with all costume pieces visible to for verification.
  • Alien masks and facial markings are permissible for generic Jedi as well as for face characters but must cover the entire head and be canon to Star Wars.
  • Jedi Armor is permitted for generic Jedi as long as it does not interfere with the basic “Jedi look” of the costume. Several Jedi wore bits of armor in the Clone Wars cartoon series. Variations of that armor are permissible. Please submit individual photos of the armor pieces, as well as the required photos as defined in Membership.
  • Lightsaber: All Jedi must have a Lightsaber with a D-ring style or Covertec clip. A member's lightsaber cannot be a toy or a flashlight. All Jedi props should appear more "screen accurate" than what is offered on the retail shelf. A hardware, machined, PVC or exact replica saber is mandatory as it completes the look of a professional Jedi costumer. A detachable blade is strongly encouraged, but not required. When re-creating a face character, that character’s lightsaber must be accurate in both blade color and hilt style.
  • Lightsaber blade colors: When a saber is either composited for a costuming picture or re-created for a saber prop, only blue, green, purple, yellow, orange or silver will be accepted unless you are dressed as a specific character. A red saber can only be used in conjunction with a costume re-creation of a face character Jedi who has that color. If a member wishes to re-create a Jedi character from the Expanded Universe, that character’s saber color and style must also be re-created.
  • Creativity in costume design is acceptable and encouraged, as long as the costume is still recognizable as a “screen-accurate” Jedi (for example, from the movies or the animated television show); however, the Council MUST approve all original or custom Jedi costume ideas. Examples: a longer tunic with a single, scarf-like tabard similar to old Ben's, or a tunic with an elliptical hemline and a sleeveless robe like Ki-Adi Mundi's. Potential members are encouraged to submit plans for their custom Jedi costumes to the Council for review and approval, or to submit clear, well-lit photos if the costume is already complete. In addition, in cases where canon only costumes are required, a custom costume may not be acceptable for that event.
    Again, completely black costumes will NOT be accepted. The use of black tunics, inner tunics, tabards/obi, pants, robes, belts or boots as a part of your costume is NOT acceptable unless you are specifically replicating a "face character" light side Jedi whose costume contains black elements.
  • Membership: On the membership application, the color of each costume piece must be indicated in writing, and a well-lit, full-length photos of the costume must be provided. Belt, accessories and boots must be visible. Your costume submission photos should consist of full length front and back views with and without the robe, full length left and right side views, close-ups of accessories and a close up of your lightsaber. Please describe your costume’s source and materials in detail. If your costume is accepted and a picture is later posted to the site that does not match the membership description or photo, the member will be temporarily suspended while the costume is reviewed.

Article Va. Costume Requirements for Volunteering & Definition of Star Wars Canon/Non-Canon

Last Updated - Thursday, February 23rd, 2006

As The Jedi Assembly grows, opportunities to volunteer as an organization at large conventions, local Star Wars events, and even Lucasfilm sponsored events will become available. At these functions, there may be times when only "canon" Jedi costumes will be allowed for certain events. This will usually not be a requirement set forth by the Founder or the Jedi Council, but the organizers of the respective events. Such requirements for canon-only costumes are common for other successful Star Wars costuming groups, such as the 501st. Therefore, the following rules will apply for any function in which The Jedi Assembly volunteers as a group at an official function:

  • All Jedi costumes acceptable for membership into The Jedi Assembly will be acceptable for volunteering at events, UNLESS the event organizers specifically request canon-only costumes.
  • When canon-only costumes are required, decisions pertaining to the suitability of a member's costume will be administered either by the event organizers or by the ranking Assembly member in attendance (Founder/CO, XO, Council member, Order Master, etc). The decisions made by these individuals are FINAL!
  • Members costumes are divided into two categories: Saga and Expanded Universe. Saga costumes must be an accurate representation of Jedi costumes that can be found in any of the six Star Wars films (including those from deleted scenes on DVD releases), movie screenplays, movie novelizations, the Clone Wars cartoon series, and any Jedi costumes from the upcoming Stars Wars cartoons or television series. Saga costumes will be considered CANON.
  • Expanded Universe costumes may include any costume that is not an accurate representation as described above (i.e., a completely original Jedi costume), or a Jedi costume from concept art, comic book adaptations, official expanded universe novels, visual guides, video games, or any unofficial items. Expanded Universe costumes will be considered NON-CANON.
  • If a situation requires canon-only costumes, event organizers will be asked if Expanded Universe costumes are acceptable.

Article VI. Age Requirements & Minor's Policy

Last Updated - Thursday, February 23rd, 2006

Applicants MUST be 18 or older to officially join. If a minor (under 18) submits any membership info, that info will not be displayed. If a member is found to be under the age of 18 after acceptance into the Assembly, that member will be banned from both the Assembly and the Assembly Message Boards immediately upon discovery.

Although minors (age 13-17) cannot become official members, they are allowed post on our Message Boards. However, a minor cannot participate in members-only functions, such as group meetings, or be recognized in the Assembly’s member database. Anyone over the age of 13 can post on the Message Boards and talk to whomever they like. As always, caution is warranted when talking with anyone over the Internet. The public does not have to be a member of the Assembly to make Star Wars Jedi costumes or attend conventions. Anyone can socialize and talk to whomever they wish at a convention. Minors are to be cautioned when giving out personal details such as Instant Message usernames and residence addresses.

Members are NOT allowed to take a minor as a Padawan learner on the Assembly Message Boards. A member that is found to have taken a minor as a Padawan will be asked to dissolve that apprenticeship or face expulsion from the Assembly.

Article VII. Licensing & Trademark 2006

Last Updated - Thursday, February 23rd, 2006

All members must respect that the Jedi Council have worked long and hard to bring the Assembly to what it is today. The Jedi Assembly crest was designed by Keyarah Rayno (Sarah Claydon) with input on its design by the rest of the council. LucasFilm Licensing has required that we use their trademark insignia on any thing that we produce for distribution. We must follow these guidelines or LucasFilm may take away our status. Any business cards or brochures produced will be done by a member of the Jedi Council unless otherwise directed. Any use of, or modification of this design (including use as a message board signature graphic) without express consent from Leda Em-Borr will result in disciplinary actions or termination of Assembly membership.

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