Jedi Tabard & Obi / Sash Tutorial

Written by Schph Gochi

Figure 1: Tabard/Sash Illustration


You can make your tabards out of the same fabric as your tunic or use a contrasting fabric/color. The tabards are the pieces that drape over the shoulder, and then run down the front and back of the tunic. Tabard choices are endless. Some tabards are long, short, wide, or narrow. Some are done in the "Qui-Gon" style that goes past the sash in the back, and some are the "Obi-Wan" style that ends at the waist in the back. Some tabards go quite a bit below the tunic hem, others just an inch or two.

Once again, it is all a matter of your personal taste. Decide how long and how wide you would like your tabards to be. Obviously, if you have broad shoulders, you would need a wider tabard. Also decide if you want them to be "Qui-Gon" or "Obi-Wan" style and cut a simple rectangle to the length and width that you desire (remember to leave seam allowance).

To kick it up a notch, you can put a curve into your tabard. Making a slight curve in the tabard toward the shoulder that curves into the waist helps it to hang better. You can also make a custom tabard by making a "sandwich" sign using blank paper and having a friend trace onto the paper the exact angle you would like your tabard to fall. When you have your pattern pieces for the tabards cut, remember that each tabard will be a double thickness of fabric, sew right sides together, leave an open end to pull the fabric out so right side is now out and seams are on the inside. Sew shut the open end.

Figure 2: Tabard/Sash Illustration (Back View)

A GOOD TIP: If you plan on adding a piece of Velcro to the top of the shoulder on your tunic and a corresponding piece of Velcro to the tabard (this is a godsend and helps the tabard stay in place), the best time to sew the Velcro to the tabard is before you sew the two tabard pieces together. Place the Velcro in the correct spot on tabard, sew it on and then sew the tabard pieces together. Doing it this way will hide the stitching of the Velcro to the tabard….on curved or custom tabards... remember to be mindful of right side and left side when sewing on the Velcro pieces.

The Sash:

The sash holds everything together and in place. It goes around the waist and under the utility belt. You can make a simple sash out of a rectangle of fabric and fasten it with Velcro.

Below is the Sash that I use. I like it because it is completely adjustable if you gain or lose a few pounds and the "drawstring closure" can be hidden under the belt. It can be made in the same fabric as your tunic and tabard, or it can be made of a contrasting color.

Figure 3: Sash Illustrations (Full/Front/Rear)

My personal favorite sash can be found at "Amber’s Jedi Meditation Chamber" website. It appears above and was designed by S. Dupen. Make a pattern from plain paper and also use two thicknesses of fabric. You can, if you wish, add structure using interfacing, I chose not too.